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Benefits of Using Durable & Eco Friendly Towels

Utilizing the extravagantly delicate, natural towels is the best way to add a touch of self-care into your daily life. These organic and 100 percent natural, eco-friendly towels that you get dry off with the excellent standard by assuring that the fabric is safe for your skin and for our planet as well. Durable towels don’t produce extra detrimental chemicals and minimize the overall carbon rate in our environment. So, it is better to use sustainable towels rather than normal ones.

The towels brands listed in this blog are produced using all eco-friendly and natural cotton to produce standardized towels. Check this blog to get better insights into natural cotton and why it’s essential to focus on natural and eco-friendly cotton towels over ordinary towels. When searching for natural and eco-friendly cotton towels, focus on cotton brands certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) standard. This is the most formal and legitimate accreditation for natural textiles. As well as guaranteeing the fibers utilized were developed naturally, the GOTS seal guarantees that the fabric and products were delivered in a socially and eco-friendly manner.

This blog has discussed the best brands that use this natural cotton to produce the best organic and eco-friendly towels. We also discuss why we should use eco-friendly towels and the benefits of using durable and eco-friendly towels.

Why Using Eco-friendly Towels?

We always tried our best to make our homes and environment as safe and clean as possible. From the kitchen items to the toiletries, we try to make the wisest decisions that are not just good for our environment but also for our health. Still, while focusing on everything, we often neglected one of the essential items of our daily use, ‘A Towel.’ A towel is an integral part of our everyday lives. So, think first that are we using eco-friendly towels? If not, then try to use the best eco-friendly towels, which are not just good for the well-being of our environment but also have sound effects on our skin and protect it from germs.

Best Durable & Eco-friendly Towel Manufacturers

Different durable and eco-friendly towels manufacturers are as follows;

Benefits of Using Durable & Eco Friendly Towels

  1. Beyond Bridges

Beyond bridges is the number one manufacturer of organic and eco-friendly towels, made up of 100% soft and sumptuous cotton that suits every skin type. The products are prepared by focusing on quality products as per the customers’ requirements and needs. The main focus of beyond bridges is to provide the best service to its customers.

Beyond bridges provide the best quality luxurious, soft, and long-lasting products that would become a part of your routine.

  • The products are long-lasting and made with a blend of specialties to fit in various environments.
  • They are experienced in manufacturing products for dynamic customer needs and are pretty delicate to protect and care for your skin.
  • Beyond bridges, linen products, including towels, sheets, pillow, covers, bedding, bathrobe, etc., are of excellent incompetent quality.
  • They are experts in providing magnificent products of international standards at very feasible prices that are unrivaled.
  1. Anact

Anact’s adaptable, environment-friendly towels are produced using a completely natural mix of 55% hemp and 45% natural cotton which are dye-free. The synthetic substances or chemicals utilized during the manufacturing process secure both you and the factory laborers. These durable towels are retentive and dry quickly while at the same time preventing the development of mold, demonstrating that maintainability and sustainability don’t need to come at the expense of functionality.

What is more than a sustainable towel brand is determined to make a big difference in the textile industry. They do this by assuming liability for the end-of-life products they sell, pushing for local manufacturing, and helping the farmers to increase hemp. Anact also cooperates with change-makers to go for a legislative activity to raise money for eco-friendly initiatives and raise funds for ecological initiatives.

  1. Delilah Home

Durable towel brand Delilah Home offers extravagant 100 percent GOTS-ensured natural cotton towels made in Europe. Delilah Home’s towels were also one of the primary confirmed towels in the US market. Long-staple natural and eco-friendly Turkish cotton are of the delicate and spongy surface. All in all, these are the sort of towels that you’ll anticipate wrapping yourself up in the wake of a difficult day.

  1. Misona

These ribbed natural cotton towels from Misona are a great mixture of texture and delicate quality. The rich, spongy, and absorbent towels are intended to offer a delicate post-shower scrub without causing any damage or irritation to your skin. Besides, they are available in five exquisite shadings!

Misona’s luxurious eco-friendly towels meet both the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) necessities – a certification that guarantees the utilization of naturally developed fibers in addition to non-harmful production practices and different and other inputs – just as the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, which tests for toxic or harmful substances to make the environment protective, along with the safety of the textile workers and the consumers.

  1. SOL Organics

SOL Organics’ delicate, marvelous towels are prepared using Fair Trade and GOTS-affirmed natural organic cotton to guarantee social and environment-friendly production. The durable towel brand’s 100 percent natural cotton bath towels and hand towels are additionally colored with low-impact natural colors.

SOL not only focuses on providing the fibers responsibly but SOL Organics’ towels are also made in an FLO-certified production line, an auxiliary of Fairtrade International. Besides everything, SOL Organics is a brand that you can have a decent outlook on supporting, and their towels are those products you can feel confident bringing into your home.

Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Towels

  • Utilizing Natural Fibers

Eco-friendly towels are made up of natural fibers, which are always good for sensitive skin, especially for the face and similar sensitive areas.

  • Better Skincare

These organic and eco-friendly towels are most suitable for you for better skincare. People who suffer from any skin disease or allergy can mainly use these towels for better skincare.

  • Good for Skin after any surgery

These environment-friendly towels are best for those who have gone through any medical or surgical treatment.

  • Helps to build a sustainable environment

These hypoallergenic towels will enable people to build a sustainable environment with durable qualities.

Concluding Remarks

This blog has discussed all the essential factors about using durable and eco-friendly towels. As towels are an essential part of our daily lives, we should select the best durable towels that better suit our skin and also make our environment more healthy and eco-friendly.

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