Have you always wondered about how fancy hotel bath towels are so fluffy and perfect in looks? Maybe it’s the fabric softener, but the most important thing about these towels is not their material but how they are folded. Most of us don’t know the proper way of folding towels as moving them left-right instead of perfectly rolling them up. Well, there are many different ways to fold towels. You can easily fold the towels perfectly at home by following the proper steps. In this blog, we will discuss different ways and techniques of how to fold a towel along with its benefits. 

Beyond Bridges is a platform where you can find the best towels online. Just try to keep in mind the proper folding methods as mentioned below, so your towels will always remain fresh and in a neat arrangement to use whenever you want and give your bathroom the best luxurious, hotel-like feel and look.


Step by Step Towel Folding Techniques

The best technique to fold a towel always depends on how you want to display them. For example, in a cabinet, over a towel bar, or on a shelf. Try to adopt one of the best ways mentioned in the blog to keep your towels looking the best and in a proper way according to your style and space.

1) Towel Bar Folding Technique

The best towels online should be taken care of with this technique. It is best to fold bathroom towels properly. You can easily grab the towel and drape it across a towel bar in a smooth motion.

  • The first step is to fold the bath towel in thirds lengthwise.
  • The second last step is to fold the towel in half, then bring the short end towards the center.


2) Classic Hotel Towel Folding Technique

This is a fantastic technique to fold the towels with proper clean edges, making it easier for you to stack your towels on an open shelf or a bench.

  • First of all, spread your towel on a flat surface. Fold one end towards the middle. Do the process on the other side repeatedly.
  • Secondly, fold each short end towards the middle. Just try to leave a minimal gap where the end meets. In this way, there will be a space remaining for one more fold.
  • Lastly, pick up one end and fold it over the other. You can now put towels in a stacked form by following this technique. So, in this way, you will make your towel look beautifully folded with a smooth surface.


3) Spa-Style Rolling Technique

The collection of quality towels from Beyond Bridges can be folded by this fourth and last technique to fold the towel in a proper form is the spa-style rolling technique. Rolled towels appropriately for a luxurious touch. It works well for towels to store in baskets or open cupboards.

  • The first step of this last technique is to lay the towel on a flat surface. Fold one end towards the center, so the short sides line up perfectly with the long side of the towel and create a point at one end.
  • The second step is to fold the towel half lengthwise, then flip the towel to put the edges on the bottom.
  • The third step is to roll the towel tightly, starting at the short side opposite the point. Tuck the point into the roll to keep the towel secure when you reach the end.


4) Wear-Reducing Folding Technique

The best online towels, if folded in this towel folding technique, help you preserve the fluffiness of your bath towels that helps keep the towel not just beautiful but fresh for a long time. This technique is best not just for folding large towels but also for rolling up the small towel. Optimizing the fold for storage minimizes the potential wear along the crease caused by a towel bar.

  •  The first step is to fold your towel in half lengthwise.


  • Then secondly, fold the towel in half widthwise, and place the short ends together.
  • The third and last step is to fold the towel in half widthwise fold it flatly to be easily stackable. If you want to fold your towel in a more compact way that suits your storage space better, then fold the towel in thirds instead of in half on the last fold.

We have discussed the best way to fold towels in the above four techniques. If you follow any of these techniques, you will become an expert in folding a towel. 

How Often You Should Fold Towels

Best towels from Beyond Bridges ought to be folded after each time they are washed. Leaving towels in a heap is irritating, untidy, and can prompt disarray regarding which towels are immaculate and messy. It takes less than one moment for each towel to finish a basic fold, and this task is ideal for doing while watching the TV or your video-based application of choice. The one definite rule that should be followed is that the towel should be dry before folding it for storage or display, which beats mildew growth.

The one time you would instead not fold a towel too firmly is just after using it for a shower or bath. The small towels should be placed on the bigger ones with a perfect fold, and set over a towel bar, on a drying rack, or dangled from a snare to air-dry. Permit as much of the outer layer of the towel to be exposed to the wind as possible. Many layers of wet towels lying on one another are an invitation for stale-smelling and noxious towels.

Best Ways to Store or Display Towels

With your towel folded this way, there are multiple ways you can store or display it in an attractive manner.

  • Towel Bar 

Hang your towel from the last fold, so the monogram is noticeable toward the front. Hang the hand towels on top of the sheets or bath towels.

  • Guest Room

Lay towels out for your guests by setting one bath towel folded like above, finished off with one hand towel, folded to step 3, on the guest bed. Top with a bar of soap for an additional touch.

  • Towel Roll 

Rolling towel is an extraordinary method to store many towels and to guarantee they stay crease-free. With your towel folded to step two above, get the end without the monogram or plan and roll towards the opposite end, then, at that point, store or display with the design on top.

  • Flat Fold

If you want to store your towels in a stack, you can store them folded like above, or, fold the towel into thirds for a more extensive, flatter fold (contingent upon the size of your storage room).

Benefits of Folding Towel Properly

There are a lot of benefits of folding towels properly that are. By learning one of the towel folding techniques, you will not only save your time but make your bathroom look more luxurious and cleaner. Let’s take a look at the significant benefits of folding towels;

  • Splendid Look

The first benefit of folding towels is that it makes your bathroom look splendid. Maintaining it properly increases your reputation with your friends and family members and makes you feel more comfortable. You can learn more about people by their bathroom.

  • Space Saving

When you have purchased the best towels online, then maintaining these towels properly can save your time and space and put additional household items in that space. It would be best if you always kept everything in the right place in the bathroom because every bit of space counts.

  • Organization of the Bathroom Items

Keeping your bathroom items organized will always be satisfactory for you. So, by applying one of the techniques mentioned above, you no longer need to worry about the towel arrangement in your bathroom.

Concluding Words

In this blog, we have discussed the best techniques to fold a towel properly along with its benefits. If you have the best towels of quality fabric, such as “Beyond Bridges,” you can fold them more appropriately, and they look more decent and attractive to everyone as they are softer and fluffier. By using these techniques of folding towels, you can easily maximize the inside space of your drawers and closets. Once you understand the technique, you can easily maintain your bathroom in a better way.  So, let us know in the comments section below whenever you try any of these towel folding techniques.

Beyond Bridges, the best online wholesale towel supplier has an enormous range of best quality products that always give its customers complete satisfaction and reliability. Beyond Bridges has towels of different unique styles and sizes that perfectly match your every need, such as home, kitchen, bathroom, hotel, salon, gym, restaurants, beach vacations, or any business or commercial use. Just contact us to have supreme quality towels at feasible prices.



1)   How do you fold a towel to take up less space?

The best space-saving towel folding technique is the spa-style roll. Rolled towels occupy significantly less space than flat folded towels. Although, the trifold, bifold and deep fold techniques will also save space on your closet racks. Rolled towels can be stored effectively in different places if you have limited space for storage.

2)   What is the correct way to fold towels?

      The correct method for folding towels is as follows;

  • Lay the bath sheet or hand towel out on a level surface.
  • Fold one corner of the towel to the middle lengthwise.
  • Roll the towel in half lengthwise and afterward flip it over.
  • Fold the towel firmly toward the sharp end and wrap up the fold.
  • Display or store the towels in an alluring basket or closet.

3)   Is it better to roll or fold towels?

Rolled towels occupy less space than folded ones, and a pyramid of new towels makes you feel like you’re at the spa. Fold towels in half lengthwise and afterward roll them up. Rolling your bath towels and putting them on display is the best method for saving space while at the same time making an outwardly intriguing bathroom.