Regardless of whether it’s a picnic in a park or enjoying some sunshine on your next beach vacation, the sand-resistant, speedy drying Sand Cloud towel is here for any adventure. Regardless of whether it is summer and you invest the more significant part of your free time at the beach sunbathing and swimming, or you relax and enjoy in the nearby park on a green yard, so, in any case, you need a towel or something almost identical to spread on the sand or grass, and sit on it safely without being stressed of stains over your dress or pants. The consideration guidance suggests machine washing on cold and air dry.

Furthermore, since utilizing a standard bath towel isn’t an option just because it will gather all the grass, hay, and sand debris around you, many people begin searching for something that is effectively portable, takes little space in the bag, and can be easily maintained. Furthermore, a sand cloud towel seems to be the exact solution. Notwithstanding, after you purchase these best towels online from renowned manufacturers like “Beyond Bridges,” you will feel the softness and pure quality of our products. After that, the most important question in your mind is how to wash sand cloud towels appropriately not to cause damage to the fabric?

From the article underneath, you will figure out how to wash this kind of towel accurately, how to keep up with it, and what it is. What’s more reasonable, you will finally be able to answer the question of what makes these towels so incredibly famous among people.

Importance of Sand Cloud Towel 

So, what are these sand cloud towels, and why are they important? These are fundamentally ordinary beach towels. Notwithstanding, these specific ones are made of natural cotton, which is amazingly delicate. Furthermore, these towels guarantee to have sand-resistant capacities speedy drying time, and they are supposed to be bigger than standard beach towels. Above all else, sand cloud towels are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, which is incredible since you will unquestionably get yours being custom and not towels of everybody around you.

You can understand the importance of these sand cloud towels as they are, without a doubt, sand-resistant towels. With ordinary towels or different covers, all that debris would adhere to them, making you tidy up each time you remove the things from your sack. What’s more, regardless of whether you cover your sand cloud towel in the sand, it will be cleaned effectively enough (perhaps, with a bit more exertion than expected. The size is one more incredible thing about these towels. It’s obvious these towels are significantly more slender than your regular rich towels, for instance, and so you may require some time to become acclimated to that. Or, on the other hand, would it be better to say slimness? An XL sand cloud towel is all that could be needed to relax two individuals at a time effectively, and you will still have sufficient space for your beach pack to put on it, as well.


The specialty of the Sand Cloud Towel

What is the specialty of Sand Cloud Towels? They dry rapidly, effectively shake off the sand, and are the world’s better towels than any massive beachside or bath towels. Our “Beyond Bridges” Sand cloud towels are so smooth and delicate you feel like you’re lying on a cloud! Our sand cloud towels have that effect.

What makes them so unique? Sand cloud towels are lightweight, quick-drying, sharp, and absorbent, the fourfold threat of beach embellishments. Made of 100% organic cotton, these towels are profoundly absorbent because of the long fibers in the cotton, and the slimness of the actual towel makes them quick drying.

Steps to Wash Sand Cloud Towel Properly

Assuming you have recently purchased a sand cloud towel, and this is your absolute first towel of this sort in your life, then, at that point, you certainly want to find out about washing sand cloud towels! Also, it does make sense to learn more about these towels before you begin utilizing them since sand cloud towels need a kind of explicit consideration. Additionally, it doesn’t imply that this towel required any individual washing schedule. Let’s have a look at the steps to wash sand cloud towels.

So how to wash these beach towels, you might be pondering? Essentially, its maintenance comprises of two significant stages:

  • Pre-washing
  • Washing Routine


  1. Pre-Washing
    • Drench your Sand Cloud towels before first use

At the point when you just purchased your new (and perhaps your first) sand cloud towel, it is strongly suggested that you pre-wash it before you begin utilizing it. On the off chance that you pre-wash the towel, it will turn out to be extra delicate and comfortable! To do this, douse your sand cloud towel in a bathtub in cold water for the time being, or possibly, leave it there for twelve to thirteen hours. While being soaked in cold water, the cotton filaments of the towel will grow and sprout, which will guarantee maximum retentiveness and sheer quality. Soak your towels in cold water for somewhere around twelve hours.

We suggest soaking your towel in your bathtub for best results. To do this, essentially, fill your tub with cold water and place your towel inside to soak. Ensure there’s a decent degree of water inside so your towel gets proper dousing.

  • After your towel has soaked, wring it out and hanging it to dry.

Hang drying sand cloud towels will assist them in staying delicate, flexible, and spongy. It’s likewise better for the environment.

2. Washing Routine

After you’ve drenched/dried your towel and enjoyed its softness, it’s an excellent time to wash it. To keep your towel as new as could be expected, we suggest washing your sand cloud towel in cold or medium temperature water. Then, at that point, essentially wring the towel and let it hang dry. You will possibly have to do this when you first get your towel; there is no compelling reason to rehash the process. It likewise doesn’t damage to give a pull on the knots of each periphery piece to guarantee they are quite cozy so they will not unravel when you wash.

To do this:

  •  Machine wash the towel utilizing a cool, delicate cycle.
  • Hang the towel to dry. Try not to use any bleach or fabric cleansing agent while washing your towel.

Concerning the actual washing, we suggest you wash your sand cloud towel in cold or medium-hot water, on a delicate cycle, with comparative colors. However, try not to utilize bleach or fabric cleanser. Furthermore, since these towels dry quickly, you can essentially hand dry yours. It will preserve the thing and keep its fabric in a decent state way longer.

Will Sand Cloud Towels Go In the Dryer?

In the wake of washing sand cloud towels, you may keep thinking about whether it is ok if you tumble dry it instead of allowing it to dry itself. Even when tumble drying them, the main thing you should remember is to accelerate the excellent process. The main thing you should remember when tumble drying them is that, to machine dry your towel, do so on low to medium heat. Additionally, you can utilize a warm iron to smooth out undesirable kinks.

Types of Sand Cloud Towel

If you believe that a sand cloud towel is a thing that comes in a single size, in particular, you are wrong! Indeed, most clients have extra-large towels since those are more suitable for being utilized as a beach towel or a seating cover to take with you to the park for an outing trip. Let’s discuss the types of sand cloud towels.

So fundamentally, sand cloud towels come in four distinct types, which are as follows:

  • XL beach towels
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Party blankets

As may be obvious, there is an extensive selection of things for you! An XL sand cloud towel has the size of 60×68 inches, which is large enough for two adult individuals to sit on it serenely. Concerning the bath towels, that is approximately 35×60 inches in measure, and hand towels come in sizes of 18×28 inches. What’s more, since these towels generally come in a wide variety of colors, from conventional gray and navy to brighter ones, you will effortlessly pick yours to accommodate your bathroom inside impeccably.

At last, the fourth one is the party blankets! What are those? A party blanket is a more prominent option in contrast to an XL sand cloud towel. Particularly great for the individuals who need much more space. Additionally, these towels are relatively slight, including party blankets; you can easily fold them and put them into your sack or backpack. They will even fit into a handbag! Regardless of whether you take two and you don’t fold them appropriately.

Final Take Away

Sand cloud towels have flaunted features. They can be utilized as good seating covers, yet they are likewise unique blankets, and you can even utilize them rather than shawls to cover yourself on a windy day. In this blog, we have discussed the importance of sand cloud towels and how to wash them properly. So, if you don’t have a sand cloud towel, we firmly suggest you buy the best quality “Beyond Bridgestowels. They are the top online towel providers with guaranteed delivery on time. You will love these towels as they are incredibly soft and comfortable that you will not be able to stop yourself from buying the second one after purchasing the first one.