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Premium Towel Collection

If you are looking for luxury towels at wholesale prices for your home or business. In that case, you will find luxury towels at Beyond Bridges USA that are both high quality and affordable. The luxurious bath towels from wholesale are available in a sparkling white color, which is perfect for any decorating scheme! At Beyond Bridges USA, you’ll find a great selection of premium white bath towels that can help you save money while still getting the quality you want at a great price.

Why Should You Choose Premium Quality Bath Towels?

The most apparent difference between premium-quality bath towels and other towels is that there is no formal definition of what a premium towel is. Several qualities make premium quality stand out, including loops, strength, and texture. The towel on the rack hanging on the wall has a little loop rising from the base of the towel. If you look carefully, you can see it. The closer these loops are, the stronger and more durable the towel will be.
When it comes to towels, there are two primary grades – economy and premium – and the premium towel would be regarded more as a middle-of-the-road option. These premium ones are exceptional, and they go above and beyond what’s provided by the economy so that your business gets the best publicity.

The Factors to Consider When Purchasing Premium Bath Towels

If you are going to buy a towel, you are hoping for an all-in-one solution for your towel needs. Below, we have presented a list of factors that can help you figure out the best bath towel. There should be more to its benefits than just being “durable” — things like softness, thickness, well-made, weight, size, and so on should also be included in that list. Keep these factors in mind as you browse for the perfect towel.

●     Material Used

Many bath towel companies do not consider comfort when making their products. It is imperative that when you run your hand over the towel, you feel a rich texture of the towel to get the most out of it. Several essential towel qualities are prioritized in premium bath towels, such as softness and many other essential attributes.
Towels are made of various materials that determine their softness. A bath towel can fall into two categories: a 100% cotton towel and one made of a cotton and polyester combination. Cotton is the most common material for towels because it effectively leaches water off surfaces. When 100% cotton towels are used, their absorbency will retain water and be very soft. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it does not contain any abrasive chemicals that would harm the skin. Pima cotton, Turkish cotton, and Egyptian cotton are the three most common cotton used in towels.

It is also preferable to blend cotton and polyester so that it dries faster and lasts a long time as well. In cotton-polyester blends, 86 percent of the fabric is cotton, whereas 14 percent is polyester, so there is no surprise that cotton will continue to be the dominant material even though it contains synthetic products. Therefore, It is important to consider which type of material is used in making towels before purchasing them.

●     Weight and Density

You have noticed how thick towels can feel at times as you fold them up. The type of towel you use for your business depends on the purposes you need to fulfill, regardless of whether it is thin or thick. The cushions can be plush and comfy if their weight is adequate. Towels, however, are more suitable for carrying because they are more lightweight.
The weight and density of premium bath towels are measured in grams per square meter or GSMs. The towel starts at about 300 grams per square meter (GSM) and rises to around 900 grams per square meter. If you need to transport large quantities of them, you will find 300-400 GSM exceptionally light. You will be able to use it if you care about drying time and you are looking for a quick-drying product.

It is recommended that bath towels have 620 to 400 GSM since their fibers are the proper density. Those numbers are adequate for both the residential bathroom and the commercial bathroom, especially in hotels.

●     Ability to Absorb

It is satisfying to end a bath with an absorbent towel. However, two extremes in towel consistency can shift the towel too far in either direction. Those towels waste time if they get soggy within minutes or even seconds of drying. In addition, bath towels without the ability to capture any water beads are equally as ineffective as those that do.
Water penetrates towels according to the material and density, as discussed. However, there is another factor in absorbency, and that is the weave. The fibers’ weave creates a pattern that allows for varying rates of water penetration. It is important to remember that the slower the water soaks into the towel, the longer you will have to use it. In addition, the amount of time required for evaporation can differ by fiber retention.

●     Design and Construction

Towels should be constructed in such a way that they are durable and long-lasting, which is what makes luxury towels so unique. There are a lot of factors that change when it comes to the way they are made, how long they take, how durable they are, and how your guests feel when using them on their skin.
It is important to note that manufacturers use different techniques to put together towels, and each method reinforces particular aspects of the towels during production. Listed below are some of the most widespread approaches used to fashion towels:

●     Towels made from terry fabric are highly absorbent and woven into loops. The typical way towels on looms are fixed is that they are usually cut straight rather than curved to stand upright. There are exceptions, such as terry towels, which have loops intact on one side.
●     The fiber threads of combed towels are sifted until only the strongest ones remain. The machines search through the shorter, weaker fibers so that the longer, thicker fibers are left behind.
●     The fibers of a ring-spun towel are twisted around each other in a spiral pattern. The combination of these two fibers is that the towel has such a soft and even surface, resulting from the variety of both fibers.
●     Spiral patterns on long and high-twisted towels are measured. As a result of the spinning process, the fibers become stiffer and more durable.
Through the use of techniques such as combing, “pilling” can be prevented. Piling – the process that causes fibers to develop lint or balls over the towel’s surface – tends to occur with shorter fibers. This can make towels look older sooner than they are. It is possible to prolong the beauty of your towels by using methods that can remove or avoid these linty portions.

●     Size

The size of a towel is not much dependent on what’s top-tier; instead, it is determined by your tastes and, if applicable, your clients’ expectations. However, there is a distinct advantage with premium towels in the availability of several sizes.

A Guide to Washing Bath Towels

You can practically feel the quality of your new luxury towels when you hold them. As the days go by, they can take on a lot of stress after being used over and over – from repeated friction to tumble drying. The best way to keep them in the best possible condition is to scrub them clean. You will be able to remove dirt and dinginess so that they will once more be spotless and beautiful. So, let’s look at some of the best ways to clean bath towels.

●     Laundry Room Fabric Softeners Should Be Banned

Towel fibers must be unhindered to wipe away water effectively. Softeners in fabrics perform similarly to coatings with enhanced properties – they tend to be more focused on texture over performance.

When using towels, you should omit the use of fabric softeners from your routine. Towels can become more pliable after further use, so keep them in the rotation if you want them to be velvety soft.

Your towels are supposed to have the job of retaining moisture, so it is best to stay away from fabric softener so that your towels can hold onto as much moisture as possible.

●     Make Bath Towels Vibrant with Vinegar

You don’t have to get rid of your towels just because they have begun to look a bit old; you can still maintain the bright white appearance of your bath towels. Using a secret ingredient – white vinegar – you can restore the sheen of your bath towels.

White vinegar is very effective in removing stubborn particles and residues, making it a handy tool. This is especially true when you need to remove layers of detergent that have continuously built up over time. The vinegar in your load can help you get rid of discoloration in the towels if you find that they have a gray hue.

The best way to do this is by pouring approximately one cup of white vinegar into the dispenser of your washer and adding a tiny bit of detergent to it. Because vinegar has a strong acidic nature, it dissolves all unwanted substances, leaving a firmly sanitized towel.

●     Using Bleach Sparingly

As you might expect, bleach is an aggressive chemical, and when combined with white bath towels, it is delightful. Unlike colored towels, you can add the white towel straight into the load without worrying about spotting or fading.

Despite this fact, bleach is so powerful that it can weaken the fibers of your towels, but it is still ok to use it every once in a while.

There is almost no way to resist the temptation to refrain from bleaching bath towels when you know how well it works. Do not use too much bleach on your towels to prevent them from getting worn out too fast. It would be best if you only bleached them periodically whenever you have deep stains on them.

●     Leave Soiled Towels to Soak Overnight

The best way to prepare towels before they are washed is to soak them overnight to remove any stains and smudges evident on the towels.

Many people recommend that you run them through a rinse cycle before the full wash, but this method may not be as effective as the others. The bath towels can be restored more thoroughly by soaking in a hot tub of water rather than simply rinsing them.

Let the high temperature of the water pull out hidden debris while submerging them in hot water. Adding baking soda to the hot water solution will strengthen it if you need a stronger solution for your towels.

●     Reduce Drying Loads

Hundred of towels are used each week in hotels and spas, and the laundry piles can get piled up exceptionally quickly. Despite this, you may get much better results in the drying process by keeping the loads to a minimum.

The space for loads to move and jostle around is significantly reduced when they become too bulky. To loosen any material that has been tightly packed after drying, it is imperative that the material is agitated after being dried.

Put fewer towels in the dryer to maximize your drying time. Ensure the load is large enough so the towels can move freely.

●     Including a Dryer Ball

To further stir your load while drying, add several dryer balls, depending on the size of the ball you are using. A dryer ball can be made of wool or plastic, and it can reduce the possibility of static buildup due to the washer.

Your towels will get tousled up as the balls bounce around. If you can’t find dryer balls at the store, you can also use a clean tennis ball as an alternative. A dryer ball adds motion to flat and drooping loops, bringing towels back to life. Using this method, it’s an excellent way to get fluffy towels free from the dryer.

●     Keep Them Neatly Stacked

We know you have spent a lot of time creating an image for your business, but you do not want your towels to look crinkly. Packing disheveled or frayed towels will inevitably result in them getting wrinkled when stored away. Organizing linens should start with laying them out flat, hanging them across racks, or folding and stacking them in a linen cabinet.

If you deliberately fold towels, they will stay smooth for a more extended period, and you’ll save space in your storage areas. Trim the edges and fold towels into thirds. By arranging them in neat stacks, you make it easier for your employees to find them and for the guests to get everything they need faster.

The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Premium Bath Towels from Beyond Bridges USA

Why should your customers and staff use premium cotton bath towels? The benefits that come from using towels made from 100% cotton terry fabric come in the form of all the benefits associated with this all-natural material:

  • Softness

There is no doubt that cotton is a soft fabric, and premium-grade cotton fabrics are the most delicate. Your friends and family will love using these towels

  • Ensure Durability

Your bath towels are likely to get plenty of use, so expect them to last long. As cotton is a quality fabric, you will be able to regularly launder them without worrying that they will fray, snag, rip or stretch. Getting rid of towels because they do not live up to expectations is not something you can afford to do. You will never have to deal with this problem when using premium cotton towels.

  • Absorbency

A cotton towel can typically dry off any surface as cotton fibers are incredibly absorbent when in contact with moisture, so you won’t need more than one towel to dry off any surface.

  • The Ability to Resist Odors

Do you want to wrap yourself in a stinky, smelly towel? The difference between cotton and other fabrics will immediately become apparent. Cotton has the inherent quality of resisting the accumulation of odors. Even though they’ve just come from the washing machine or dryer, some towels will never smell like they were entirely clean. It will become apparent to everyone who works out at your facility simultaneously.

  • Easy Care

Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend less time worrying about our towels? Put cotton towels into your washing machine and wash them with your preferred detergent. If you are concerned that stains may appear, you can use an appropriate product to stop the spots from taking hold before loading. To promote better absorbency, try to avoid using liquid softeners since they create a barrier that reduces the ability of the towels to absorb liquids.

Qualities of Beyond Bridges USA Wholesale Premium Bath Towels

Our premium bath towels have the versatility you will need in your bathroom, so purchasing them from Beyond Bridges USA at wholesale prices will benefit you in the long run. Do you need towels that come in various sizes, materials, or colors? You can pair your premium towel purchase with varying other options if you would like to do so. We offer several towels that can be customized to suit your preference. Take your business or home one step further by ordering towels in bulk today to provide the towels you and your clients deserve.

To ensure the highest quality product for our customers, Beyond Bridges USA towels are made with premium fabrics. Even after continual washing, the sparkle-white color is guaranteed by our poly-cotton blend material. Your towels will stay fresh for a long time due to the durable material that will withstand repeated washings to keep them stain-free.

Whenever you notice any stains or dirt appearing on the front of your premium blend towels, throw them in the washing machine for a regular rinse. To maintain optimal whiteness, add some bleach to your wash next time if laundering isn’t enough to remove stains.

You probably have already made your mind up to purchase your premium bath towels, but you are still unsure what style or size to choose. These are some of the qualities that will make our premium bath towels stand out from the rest:

  • Luxury Premium White Bath Towels for a Diamond Touch

Think you can’t sway your guests with unique towels? Think again. Choosing perfect white bath towels for your home, hotel, or resort will ensure they can and will do so.

The premium bath towels you use in your facility must have the quality construction you need to make your guests feel at home. It’s tough to beat these wholesale white bath towels because they are all made of 100 percent cotton fibers, ensuring that every guest leaves with a better experience when they stay in your hotel rooms or suites.

What’s the point of leaving impressions to chance? The chances of you getting a great online review from a customer, getting a referral, or obtaining repeat business will increase if you provide fluffy, beautiful white bath towels from Beyond Bridges USA to all of your private and public spaces.

●     Spend Less on White Bath Towels

How often do you feel like you have to replace your white towels? You might find that this isn’t only frustrating but it is also costly.

The best way to save money on wholesale white bath towels is to choose the right ones instead of stressing over how much you are spending. At Beyond Bridges USA, we choose these premium bath towels because of their excellent quality. As they are made of durable material, you can count on their durability without worrying about them falling apart, fraying, or losing their ability to absorb. How about having these elegant white bath towels work for you?

●     Purchase White Bath Towels at Wholesale Prices

Do you wish to have the resort experience in the comfort of your own home? This is now possible. For all your bathrooms in your home, you can order a dozen premium bath towels from Beyond Bridges USA. Also, if you wish to purchase white bath towels wholesale, you will find the same discount rates that your favorite hotels offer.

We at Beyond Bridges USA are professionals in the business of wholesale premium bath towels at highly affordable prices. By partnering with us, you can ensure that you have the best bath towels in the neighborhood while still staying within your budget. If, for example, you are seeking a premium bath towel for every bathroom in your house, then it is the right time to shop with us.

We offer premium bath towels by the dozen at very competitive prices. Buying more makes a big difference in your overall savings. Shop now!

●     Sized to Fit Your Needs for Premium Bath Towels

Taking hot showers, bubble baths, and swimming in the pool calls for soft, thirsty, and perfect-sized bath towels. High-quality cotton bath towels feel luxurious and silky against even the most sensitive skin. The comfort of cotton fibers will make you feel relaxed and pampered as you get dry.

●     Long-Lasting Cotton White Bath Towels

It’s time to switch to our wholesale premium bath towels in white if you have to buy bath towels all the time. One of the benefits of cotton is its durability. Cotton bath towels will last you a long time without losing their shape after being washed. It is possible to keep the look of your towels longer if you wash them with a bleach alternative rather than using bleach.

  • An Adaptive Approach

We offer a mixture of cotton bath towels that are both strong and breathable. Color selections include a variety of colors and a standard white as well. No matter what color scheme your furniture and wallpaper incorporate or if you have a monochromatic arrangement, white towels will perfectly match any accessories you already have in your bathroom.

Would you like to buy towels in bulk that are both strong and stylish? We take pride in the fact that our premium white bath towels are durable, but they are also stylish. When you renovate your home or business’s interior design, you will find that your white bath towels still make a great addition to the décor.

  • Simplicity

It is important not to confuse simplicity with monotony. A white bath towel will make your bathroom seem more classy and provide you with a sense of elegance that will fulfill your commercial and home towel needs. A brighter alternative to vibrant and darker colors of towels, white towels ultimately enhance a contemporary environment by providing a trendy touch.

Premium blend bath towels provide a glistening and professional appearance to the bathroom, whether folded neatly in your bathroom or strung along with the hotel’s bathrooms. Their simple yet clean design lends them a very polished appearance. In addition to its chic appearance, white also boasts a professional quality level.

  • Color Maintenance

The fabric will resist pesky stains and discolorations, so you will not need to worry about them again. This poly-blend is composed of 14% polyester and 86% cotton, making it apt to handle bleaches and other alternatives. There will never be any loss of the lustering white shimmer of your towels when they were first taken out of the box. It will be easy for you to maintain a nice polished image wherever you hang them because they will keep their color.

Purchase Premium Bath Towels in Bulk from Beyond Bridges USA

Your highest priority as a business owner is to ensure that your customers are satisfied. Why provide your valued customers with scratchy, poorly made bath towels? It is in your best interests to provide your customers with soft, excellently designed bath towels.

Beyond Bridges USA will enable you to increase customer satisfaction. With the 100% cotton construction and the dense loops, Beyond Bridges USA towels are incredibly absorbent and will not fray. Your guests – and you – will love your towels’ soft texture and classic style.

Let us be your online source for buying premium bath towels in bulk. Shop now for the perfect supply of towels for your bathroom, spa, or resort.