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The Importance of Coffee in Hotels

Coffee is a famous beverage that is beneficial in boosting our energy level. The cherry on top of the cake is that coffee works wonders to increase our energy level, promote weight loss, etc.

Coffee is considered to be the most profitable item in the hotel industry. It will sound ironic because coffee is not included in any menu list offered by a hotel. Coffee is cost-effective compared with other products sold on the same day at different rates.

For instance, bottled water costs twice as much as coffee. If you need proof, visit your neighborhood’s nearest hotel restaurant or beverage dispensary and ask about the price of a cup of coffee.

Coffee represents 50% to 80% percent of annual sales in restaurants and 25% to 40% in cafeterias.

We will mainly discuss two significant reasons why coffee is considered an essential commodity in hotels: economic profits and health benefits.

Hotels use coffee to create social events by providing complimentary beverages for guests and visitors. Coffee is the most popular drink served in hotels, representing 50% to 80% of annual sales in restaurants and 25% to 40% in cafeterias.

Many people consider coffee a “drinking ritual” that comforts customers during their interaction with others. Coffee can also be used to create an intimate environment for guests, who are mostly strangers.

Perhaps because of its high demand within the hospitality industry that comforts customers, coffee has become one of the nation’s most significant sources of revenue after alcoholic drinks.

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Economic Profits of Coffee

The economic profits derived from coffee are immense because it does not require any significant investment. If you own a hotel restaurant or café, all you have to do is purchase a coffee machine and sugar. These two commodities are the only things needed so that your customers can grab a cup of coffee regardless of their age, financial status, or preferred flavor.

Although many hotels provide free coffee, there is always an opportunity for additional profits from this commodity. If you own a restaurant within a hotel establishment, it would be beneficial to offer your clients more choices in terms of types and flavors of coffee.

You may also desire to supply your guests with international types of coffee, such as espresso and cappuccino, by purchasing specialty machines. Establishments wishing to attract children customers should buy softening machines since they mostly prefer sweetened flavors.

Most hotels offer free coffee, which can be a sign of their appreciation of customers’ needs and demands. In local markets where price competition is high, providing complimentary beverages may help you gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the exact location.

Coffee helps you create a more homelike atmosphere for people who visit your café or hotel . People feel comfortable in places where they can get beverages, such as coffee and tea on their own.


Health Benefits of Coffee

We can not ignore the health benefits offered by drinking coffee. Coffee has antioxidant and magnesium properties, which help reduce the risk of getting certain diseases. Caffeine increases energy levels and improves mental alertness.

The hotel serves coffee to accommodate their guests with health benefits related to caffeine’s effects. Coffee contains significant antioxidants that prevent cancer and heart diseases; it is also rich in magnesium, which helps lower high blood pressure.

Several studies have shown that coffee reduces depression symptoms by 70% compared to those who do not drink coffee.

In terms of health benefits, coffee helps people prevent disease since it contains antioxidants and magnesium minerals. It provides your customers with increased energy levels and mental alertness.

If you own a cafe near schools or universities where young adults study, it would be beneficial to offer coffee. Since students mostly need increased energy during long hours of studying.

To conclude, coffee is considered an essential commodity in hotels because of its high demand in this industry. You can generate additional revenue from coffee by providing more varieties of coffee.

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