Bath towel is an integral part of our daily life. If we care for them properly, their lives can be extended. But, unfortunately, we use them without paying any attention to their care, such as their cleanliness, proper dryness, when to wash it, when it should be changed, etc. If we give complete care to our daily used towels and do not leave them with dirt and stench, this will extend the life of a towel and be good for our skin.

So, in this blog, we will discuss the importance of bath towels and different important ways to extend the life of a towel to save your money and time as well.

Importance of Bath Towel

Towels are the basic need of our life; whether we are at home or on the way to somewhere out of the house, towels are always with us in different forms such as bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bath sheets, gym towels, kitchen towels, beach towels, paper towels, face towels, Center stripe pool towels, etc. Therefore, towels have a more significant impact on our health.

When we buy something for ourselves, our primary focus is to choose high-quality and durable things that suit our health and are also good for the environment. Similarly, when it comes to buying a bath towel. We should always be careful about its quality and durability because if we talk about our daily use items, how can we compromise on their quality?


Bath towels absorb a lot of water and remain wet for hours, due to which there is a greater chance of the breeding of germs. That’s why towels must be washed after every three uses. Always try to use high-quality and durable towels from well-reputed towel suppliers like Beyond Bridges USA to keep you clean and dry every time.

9 Important Ways to Extend the Life of a Bath Towel

As the towel is a daily used item of everyone, we have to change it every 6 to 7 months because it will become rough and less durable after that period. However, we can extend the life of our bath towels by following some habits that will help to keep your towels lasting longer than ever;

  1. Utilizing a Similar Towel for Extended Period

Towels have a specific period of six to seven months to remain soft and absorbent. After that, the towels have become rough and less durable. So, to extend the life of a bath towel, you should wash it once or twice per week to keep away from smell and dirt.

  1. Add softener

Fabric softener is incredible for making your clothes soft and very well smelled. Avoid adding fabric softener specifically when you wash the bath towels because of the towel’s absorption capacity.

  1. Draping Wet Towels on Hooks

Leaving the bath towel wet can cause the bacteria to increase due to the lack of air circulation. To extend the life of a towel, you should drape the towels on hooks after every usage.


  1. Steam Pressing

You will damage the fabric by steam ironing the bath towel. If you follow the specific ways of ironing the bath towels, such as the iron temperature should be set to normal cotton mode, it will not harm the fabric.

  1. Blending with Other Clothes

Blending the bath towel with other clothes can make imperfections and harm the fabric if it contacts zippers, buttons, and different accessories.

  1. Wait for Towel dryness

Do not take the towel off the towel hook or rack too early. If you do, it will cause bacteria. So, wait for the towel to be completely dry.

  1. Hang Towels Properly on the Clothesline

Try not to leave the towel drying in the cupboard, bed, or the floor. The perfect place to do this is on the clothesline.


Put the towel in the sun to dry quicker and more efficiently. Keep in mind this tip works just during a bright sunny day. Placing the towel on the clothesline during a rainy day will leave it wet in any case.

  1. Store them in a Suitable Place

Many people wind up putting their bath towels in the restroom. Even though it might appear to be very viable, it would be ideal for keeping them far from soggy and damp places in a well-ventilated wardrobe or closet so they don’t get moldy.

  1. Vinegar Utilization

If bath towels have a strange and unpleasant smell, utilize vinegar to keep them fresh and smell-free. It will assist with cleaning the strands and take the smell off the towel but should just be utilized on thicker fabrics, not to damage the flimsy one.


Concluding Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed different ways to extend the life of towels. All the methods mentioned above are beneficial for you. Still, some of the products and items that we mention in this blog to utilize may cause a hypersensitive response and harm your health, so be careful about that.

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