It is important to remember that gym towels are an essential component of a health club’s supply. They are, however, part of the fabric industry, and for this to happen, there will be a need for wholesale gym towels and suppliers that can provide outstanding service and selection, so as long as people sweat and people shower, there will be a need for wholesale gym towels.

Gym Towels

Club owners and managers who know how to run a successful business understand that while treadmills are expensive machines, knowing which towels will most benefit your business is equally important. It is essential to balance customers’ needs with the business’s profits or budget during the process of providing towel services.

Over many years, we have been involved with hundreds of community rec centers, pools, aquatic centers, and small personal fitness and training studios. What we have learned over the years is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for those searching for bulk gym towels.


If you called Beyond Bridges USA today, we would probably ask about your towel requirements. A few of these questions to consider are listed below if you are in the market for a new fitness facility supplier or are new to running one.

● Are you planning to build a club or a facility that will serve your clients’ needs? Can you offer a low-dollar monthly membership to a client looking for an individualized training program, or are you a high-dollar boutique studio offering high-end personal training? How would you define your business model’s mission? We select either the premium option or the economy option when choosing towels. We then consider the size and weight of the towels based on the type of laundry equipment you use.

● It is most likely better to use lighter-weight towels if you are using noncommercial laundry equipment. In addition, the facility should be sufficiently stocked to cover one day’s worth of use, plus sufficient backup for at least a day in the event of primary equipment failure.

● Choosing the right towels for your washing machine is essential based on their weight and size but is not as applicable if you operate commercial laundry equipment. The time it takes to dry towels, the number of clients in your gym, and the number of employees working in this function play a factor in choosing the suitable towels for your gym.

Choosing gym towels that fit your needs does not have to be difficult. After all, we are striving to establish long-time business relationships with our clients – just like you! So what we suggest when talking with a Texon Towel representative is that if you are unfamiliar with the product, you ask them to show you samples.

Consider Your Skin When Picking A Gym Towel

When it comes to caring for our skin, we typically spend considerable time doing so. It is important to moisturize, use sunblock, exfoliate, and generally take good care of our skin so it stays looking its best. However, we often overlook the quality and quantity of the towels we use, which can work against us in the end. A microfiber or another artificial material that does not resemble cotton can lead to irritation of the skin if it comes in contact with it.


The polyester and nylon that make up microfiber, a man-made textile, are both petroleum products, so you might want to keep that in mind. Beyond Bridges USA picks only the highest quality 100% pure cotton in its workout towels. So, when you’re working hard at the gym and sweating a lot, you’ll get a soothing touch.

It’s always good to take a quick break during a workout, and there is nothing better than wiping down your face with a soft cotton towel, cooling yourself off, and revitalizing your body to continue working out.

It is healthy for the body to sweat during a workout to help detoxify it. Once sweat reaches your skin, it can mix with dirt and oil and clog your pores as it now has dirt and oil trapped within. It can cause various skin problems such as breakouts and other skin flare-ups that are not so nice. While performing a workout, it is essential to wipe the sweat off your skin, especially if there is sweat on your face. You can eliminate the sweat from your brow by using a 100% cotton sports gym towel. When it comes to pampering your skin even during your most strenuous workouts, Beyond Bridges USA’s 100% premium cotton provides a safe and comfortable way.

Besides being absorbent and soft, Beyond Bridges USA workout towels are durable and fast-drying. The fiber makeup of these sheets gives them an ultra-soft feel and superior absorbency.

Gym Towel Types

Those unfamiliar with the types of gym towels can also benefit from a variety of them. Let’s have a look:

● Gym Towels

The provision of gym towels adds an extra touch of class to our gyms, but many of our customers feel that it should be mandatory for the health and cleanliness of the gym. We use high-quality towels to keep your fitness equipment free of bacteria and rust. Your gym members deserve a premium experience that gives them the impression of being part of an elite fitness facility.

If you sweat while working out, you can use hand towels to wipe it off and wipe down the benches or equipment during the workout. The Beyond Bridges hand towel is made of ring-spun cotton, which gives it great softness and comfort. These towels also feature an attractive border and can be purchased with a matching bath towel to maintain a uniform look in the gym.


● Microfiber Gym Towels

It is becoming increasingly popular for gym owners to use microfiber towels because of their absorbent and durable properties. In addition to being highly absorbent for sweat and water, Beyond Bridges USA microfiber towels are lightweight and compact due to their composition of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. They will last longer than cotton towels since the material is strong, durable, and lint-free. Microfiber does not seem to be used as much on the skin as it can feel rough because it can be scratchy. The most popular towels are still cotton towels. Nevertheless, we highly recommend microfiber towels for cleaning!

The microfiber material is ideal for rinsing down gym equipment and benches since it can easily pick up dirt and dust while drying the surface simultaneously. Cotton towels hold moisture longer. Microfiber towels should be washed separately. They cannot be washed together with regular cotton towels.


● Center Stripe Gym Towels

Towels with center stripes are used for wiping sweat away from the body. This towel is easy to identify due to its colored center stripe, preventing anyone from mistaking your towel for someone else’s. This towel is handy when playing team sports, such as football or basketball. Additionally, the contrasting stripe helps prevent theft and loss. These gym towels are a great addition to your service.


● Washcloths

When you wash your face or body in the shower, washcloths are the small, square-shaped towels you use to lather and scrub. Washcloths from Beyond Bridges USA are made of 100% ringspun cotton so that they are soft to the touch and unabrasive to the skin. They are available in a variety of colors by the dozen and are a cost-effective way to provide washcloths to gym-goers. These towels are very inexpensive, making them a popular option for cleaning facilities or drying hands in gym locker rooms.


● Bath/Shower Towels

Providing wholesale shower towels in your gym is a great convenience for your members. We offer a wide range of shower towels from Beyond Bridges USA, from our lower grade products that are cheap and feel like sandpaper to our premium, soft, plush, and durable lines. Towels of every quality are available here, from prison-grade to professional.


After reading this article, I hope you will be well on your way to deciding the right gym towels for your gym.