Any kitchen would be incomplete without a good set of towels. They play an essential role in the kitchen in practical use and need. In addition, they also make the kitchen appear more stylish. The reality is that people don’t have any awareness of these aspects of towels, so they stick them in drawers and hide them. Decorative kitchen towels and washcloths can elevate the kitchen’s look and inject new energy into the room when appropriately displayed.

Having a solution for where to hang your towels can give you great relief from annoyance and make any bathroom aesthetically pleasing. However, finding the perfect towel rack can be difficult, especially if the space is limited or the ideal location isn’t available.
Many people would like to display their colorful and fancy towels in their bathrooms, and the following suggestions should help you showcase your towels most uniquely and fashionably possible.

7 Unique Ways to Display Your Kitchen Towels


1. Hanging from the Holders

It is the oldest and most popular way to hang towels, to place them on the hooks of the oven or any other holder. Towels can easily be folded in the middle and hung over the holder by simply folding the middle part of the towel. Playing with colors when folding towels is generally the most popular way to do this. Choose two colors and place them by the color, or choose just two colors and arrange them in order from lightest to darkest, or vice versa.


2. Appliance Handles

The easiest way to hang your kitchen towels is to use one of the handles from the appliances you already have. It is very convenient to install towel bars because you do not have to drive screws into the wall or cabinet to do so. There are many kitchen designs where this concept can be implemented easily.


The strategy works best with appliances that have handles at eye level, such as wall ovens, as the handles are at eye level. Inverting these types of arrangements, the towel drags on the floor every time you open the cabinet door of the appliance if hung on something lower, such as a dishwasher or range. Such a practice isn’t very sanitary.

3. Over the Sink

Hanging it over the sink is another excellent idea if you want to demonstrate your stylish towel. Choosing a towel of a contrasting color from the sink is the best way to do this. The towel should be laid down three-quarters of the way up inside the sink and the remaining two-thirds hanging down from the top. Several towels of different colors and sizes can be used depending on personal choice.



4. Hidden Towel Bars

People who don’t like an exposed hand towel have options. The simplest and most convenient way is to mount a towel bar on the back of a cabinet door. Under the sink is a convenient place to store your towels because it is the place you tend to use the most frequently.

Towel bars can also be used as pull-out towel racks to hang several towels. The process of installing these accessories is usually quite simple.



5. Rolled Up in a Holder

Rolling up your colorful and beautiful towels and storing them in holders is an excellent and unique way to display them. In this case, the towel holder would probably be a basket or a bowl that will allow more of the towels than just the top to be exposed. Roll up the towels by folding them in half and re-rolling them. Make sure they are vertically arranged in a holder, then put them on the counter or next to a vase or appliance in the kitchen.



6. Hanging from Fancy Hooks

There is nothing chic about hanging towels on the hooks, but if you get a bit creative, you’ll be able to make your towels stand out in the kitchen. Make some fancy hooks and place them where the guests will be able to see them, and they will catch their attention. Similarly, they can also come in a variety of heights to provide a more individualized look. Ultimately, it will be the matching of colors for the towels that will accomplish the rest.


7. Exposed Towels

Some kitchens or users find installing a towel bar under the sink or in a cabinet unnecessary. It takes longer to get a towel out of a cabinet by opening it with wet hands because moisture is trapped in the cabinet, and it simply causes more friction. Moreover, many towels are quite beautiful. It would be a shame to hide them away.

You may consider adding exposed towel bars to your kitchen design if you want to take advantage of this feature. There is a wide range of styles and colors that you can choose from, and they can provide the overall style of the room. When you display your towels, you can use attractive designer hand-towels, which can add color and pattern to the design of your kitchen.

You should keep both function and appearance in mind when choosing a location for a towel bar, whether you’re doing an entire remodel or just adding a few to an existing design. Then, find towel bars that match your style and fit the design of the kitchen.


Final Thoughts

It is almost impossible to imagine a kitchen without hand towels, used everywhere, from drying hands and dishes to wiping up spills. We all know how frustrating it can be to look for a towel just when you need one, especially if there is no designated place for towels in your house. Not just that, but hand towels are also an essential fashion accessory that can brighten up any room. These suggestions will help you revamp your kitchen and bring your luxurious towels to the forefront.