We are familiar with the hair wrapping of a towel after each wash. But, the most important thing is to give complete care when you wrap your wet hairs in a towel forcefully to make them dry speedily, but this is the wrong way, and you can easily damage your hair strands and cause split ends. This blog will discuss the step-by-step process to wrap your hair properly rather than buying a towel turban through an online shopping cart to wrap your hair. Just read and focus the step-by-step guide carefully, you can not only save your time and money, but it will also be good for your hair growth.

Easy Steps to Wrap Your Hair in a Towel

Wrapping your hair properly in a towel is not as simple as it seems. Different people have different hair types in terms of hair lengths and thickness. By wrapping your hair, you will keep your wet hair from making your clothes wet. You will soak the moisture away from the hairs by improper hair wrapping. Hair wrapping also helps you keep your head warm after a shower in the winter season.

1)   Select the Right Towel

You should select a good length towel to cover your hair properly. The towels should be completely lengthy as per your hair needs. If you use an extra-large towel, it will cause a problem wrapping your hair properly on your head. Well, if you have a large towel compared to your requirement, you can fold the towel in half so it fits better around your head. It is much better to use towels specifically designed for drying your hair. The best towel for hair care is made from soft microfiber or any old soft and clean t-shirt to dry your hair because this will positively affect your hair.

  • You should utilize a shorter towel if your hair is short.
  • Some people use plush towels to wrap their heads because they are generally fluffier and thicker than our normally used towels. Although, people with curly hair prefer microfibers towels because they are minor rubbing in nature, suitable for their Hair cuticle.
  • To keep your hair softer, try to use an old and soft shirt to wrap your hair after every wash because it will cause less friction and leave your hair soft without damaging your hair cuticles.
  • You can also buy hair wrappers to wrap your hair properly from the market. These wraps are prepared to specifically absorb the water from your hair as they are lighter and easier to use.

2)   Access Water Removal

After the first step, remove the access amount of water from your hair. For doing it properly, gently blot your hair with your soft towel to soak the water. In this step, flip your hair and squeeze the water thick and long.

If your hairs are short, you can gently tilt them by separating them into two halves and pressing your towel gently to dry them. This process helps you save your clothes from getting wet and speeding the dryness process.


3)   Detangle Your Hair Strands

Detangle your hair strands before wrapping them as they become more tangled if you skip this step. Try to use a wide-tooth comb to comb your damp hair. Your hair is especially weakest when wet, so try to comb hair gently. In this way, you can prevent your hair from damage or breakage. Comb your hair before taking a shower, so it will be easier to detangle before wrapping it up.

4)   Hair Flipping

By flipping your hair, your hair will be hanging in front of your face. Don’t tie them with a ponytail or any hair tier if you have long and healthy hair. Try to comb your hair gently to make the strands straight. To avoid getting your clothes and the surrounding area wet, flip your hair in a bathtub, shower, or sink.

5)   Proper Towel Positioning

After hair flipping, position your towel to straighten your head at the center. Then the edge is aligned with the scruff of your neck. Your prime focus should be to adjust the equal length on both sides of your head. After that, try to firmly position your hair around your head and then apply gentle pressure to dry your hair. You can also tuck your hair around your ear.

6)   Twisting the Hair

After that, start twisting your towel length. Initiate from your hairline center and then twist to the bottom of your towel.

7)   Flip It Back

Stand straight to the upright and then fold your towel in the backward position to fall them back over your head and hangs down behind your back.

8)   Secure the End of the Towel

You can also use the clip to secure the towel end from opening and loosening the hair. You don’t want to shift the position of your towel, at least in the following further two steps.

9)   Wait for the Hair to Dry

The second last step is to wait patiently to dry your hair properly, which depends on the length and thickness of your hair. If your hair is still wet, replace your towel with the new and dry one as the one you used already soaked too much water. So, now there is a need to replace it with the dry one. This minimally takes 30 to 35 minutes to dry completely.

10)Flip & Remove the Towel from the Hair

The last step is to flip your head forward and unwrap your towel gently. So, now your hair should be mostly dry. After that, use the hairdryer to dry the rest moist hair if you want. You can also wait for a further few minutes to dry out the rest hair automatically, and until then, you can also do your makeup or other important work.


Concluding Remarks

This blog has discussed wrapping your hair in a towel with a step-by-step process. If you follow each step properly, you can quickly dry your hair with proper wrapping. So, your hair can never be damaged