There’s no doubt about the significance of a good bath towel. If you’ve at any point utilized one that is excessively little or too meager to even think about getting yourself dry, you realize this all very well. And keeping in mind that many bath towels may appear to be the same, starting with one then onto the next, there’s an enormous range if it comes to quality. When you want to customize the best quality bath towels, the biggest and the best absorbent, you’ll never want to return to those flimsy, small ones you may have been utilizing.

We almost take a bath daily and sometimes take it two times per day. Each time we wrap or dry our body with a delicate towel. After some time, they have become filthy, stainy, and lost their uniqueness. Because of the water and the grime, we move to it by scouring our wet body with it to get dry ourselves. With time progression, towels for restaurants, hotels, and domestic use get older and more unpleasant. Then at that point, they need care.

Significance of Towels

Towels have become an integral part of our daily lives. We should use towels not just in our homes, but wherever we go, we should take them with us, whether in the form of bath towel sets, hand or gym towels, etc. But, we should always give special care to maintain them properly and free from germs. You should use the best quality linen towels because they are durable and organic. We should also change their time and try not to use it for an extended period. By using Linen towels, we will give good care to our health, but they are also environment-friendly.

Types of Towels Every House Needs

There’s nothing as lavish as a big, fluffy towel to get dry with. Let’s look at the seven kinds of towels you want to make your bathroom feel like a sanctuary.

  • Bath Towels

The primary sort of towel you’ll require immediately is a bath towel. This is the towel you go after right when you get out of the shower or bath. Commonly, bath towels will either come in 27 x 52 inches or 30 x 58 inches. So if you like to have a lot of towels to work with, the bigger size might be your go-to. However, remember, the bigger the towels, the less you can wash at one time.

  • Bath Mats

These will save you the pain of cleaning up your bathroom floor daily. Your bath mats are set straightforwardly before your shower or bath to sop up all the water trickling off you when you get out. 

For picking the right size, you might have to do a little measuring. If your bathroom is in a smaller size, a 20 x 30-inch bath mat will probably fit best. While for more oversized bathrooms, a 24 x 36-inch mat will be perfectly fine.

  • Wash Cloths

Washcloths are great to have around the house for cleaning up, just as carrying out twofold responsibility around the house. These more miniature towels commonly come in either 12 x 12 inches or 13 x 13 inches.

  • Hand Towels

These are the towels that you almost overlook until they’re not there. Hand towels do just what they imply: dry your hands. And while they may not seem very necessary, you may change your mind when you’re frantically searching your washroom with wet hands. The typical size for hand towels is 16 x 32 inches. However, there’s sometimes the smaller option of 15 x 28 inches.

  • Clean Up Towels

Keep your soft towels off the market regarding sopping up large wrecks, and let these do the work for you. Sometimes, you need things that are dedicated to being grimy. Having some unpleasant towels available on hand can be useful for those incidental cases where you want some significant clean-up.

  • Beach Towels

Beachside towels are extraordinary to have for pool days or other fun occasions where you might require a towel with more real estate. These will be the oversized towels you’ll have. You can get these as large as 40 x 70 inches. Keep them for a day of fun in the sun or your next big adventure.

  • Decorative Towels

Decorative towels are probably the most straightforward method for adding color and style to your bathroom while keeping it useful. Enjoy a good time with these towels and play with a unique sound like tassels, fringe, or embroidery. These are incredible to have in your guest bathroom as an option for getting hands dry.

How to Care Bath Towels

Towels are an essential part of our daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them properly maintained, dry and germs-free. Let’s have a look at four methods to give proper care to your towels.

  • Plunge the Towel into Prescribed Water for Two Hours before Washing

Plunge your towels in detergent water for over two hours before washing. This will assist you with getting the towel washed without any problem. By utilizing this method, the stuff gets gentler and unpleasant and rough stains to get milder likewise, and each string of the towel absorbs washing detergent itself.

  • Wash Towels by Your Hand, Not In the Washing Machine

Following two hours, get the towel out from the detergent water and rub it with your hands. Machine wash can damage the stuff. Hand wash is best suited for towels. Shuffle the towels for one or two minutes by hand, press it hard by hand, and give hits with a wooden log. This is an extremely old technique to wash towels at home. If the label permits you to wash it in the wooden machine, select delicate, gentle rotation for the towel and wash it separately, not mix it with other clothes.

  • Cut the Hanging Thread with Perfection after Each Washing

After washing and drying, you will see that a few threads are hanging out of the surface, so use pair of scissors cautiously to cut them from the outer layer of the towel. It is vital because these hanging threads might cause harm or disintegration of the towel. You will get a new towel after each trimming by cutting these strings. This will give long life to your towel.

  • Store Them in a Cupboard

Towels require daylight, making them naturally cleaned and scent-free for the next time. Place them in the cupboard after each washing.


Concluding Remarks

This article has discussed Linen Towels and their importance and unique types of towels in detail. The towels are an essential part of our daily lives, and hence, we should be careful in choosing the best organic and durable towels for our everyday use. There are different towels available in the market in various colors and fabrics. But the number one fabric is Linen for the towels as it is so soft and absorbs moisture perfectly. The best manufacturer of Linen towels is ‘Beyond Bridges,’ as their Linen towels are wholly organic and non-allergenic that not only suits your health but the environment as well.